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Polar Moonbase

The current philosophy for returning to the moon calls for the establishment of a permanent manned moonbase as a stepping stone to future space exploration and colonization. A moon base built at the north or south pole of the moon will be in perpetual sight of the Sun, allowing for non-stop solar power generation. Additionally, there are areas within the rims of craters that are in perpetual darkness where water ice is thought to exist, which may eventually be harvested as a natural resource.

In Postcards, Armstrong Station is built on the rim of Peary Crater, an impact crater near the north pole of the moon. The base is initially composed of a central ring of cylindrical Habitation Units, with a central 'Commons Room' area designated for meetings and general work detail.

Armstrong Station - initial base layout

Sean's room on Armstrong station is a partial cross-section of a cylindrical hab unit, generously designed with much more personal space than any engineer would have on a bona fide moonbase where space would be at a premium.

Sean's room - concept sketch

Sean's room - 3D model

Final composite of Sean's room

The Commons Room is a central meeting place for Armstrong Station. Equipped with conference tables, work terminals and a large screen display, the room serves as a nerve center for coordinating moonbase work details.

The Commons Room - concept sketch

The Commons Room - 3D model

Final composite of the Commons Room


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