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With its storyline set in the very near future, the production of Postcards From The Future called for the industrial design of vehicles and technology that would adhere closely to current space technology. Designs and concepts for each class of technology were selected from the most recently available real-world data and 'extrapolated' into the near future.

Some artistic liberties were taken (most notably, the fact that Sean Everman's room on an actual moonbase would be incredibly smaller than what appears in Postcards) but the core of the technologies described and shown on Postcards is theoretically possible. >VIEW ALL

The Lunar Transport Vehicle (LTV)

The LTV is a heavy transport workhorse designed to shuttle cargo and supplies, and the occasionally replacement crew personnel to the Moon.. >MORE

Polar Moonbase

The current philosophy for returning to the moon calls for the establishment of a permanent manned moonbase as a stepping stone to future space exploration and colonization.. >MORE

Power Grid & Infrastructure

A prime requirement for the human expansion and colonization of the moon is the existence of life-supporting infrastructure.. >MORE

Lunar Rover

Lunar Rover 2.0 differs widely from its Apollo predecessor in that it is more of a people-hauling heavy-duty workhorse.. >MORE

Space Elevator

The Space Elevator is a ribbon of incredibly durable carbon nanotubes that stretch from a 'ground station' upwards, all the way into space.. >MORE

Mars Traveler & Lander Module

The ship that carries the first manned mission to Mars is a long and thin structural frame designed to boost two Habitation Units into Mars orbit.. >MORE


The second generation deep space ship builds upon the successes of the Mars Traveller design.. >MORE



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