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Power Grid & Infrastructure

A prime requirement for the human expansion and colonization of the moon is the existence of life-supporting infrastructure. Building such an infrastructure depends on the cost-effective availability of raw materials, and the energy required to convert these raw materials into usable items. The task of our engineers then, is to develop and build a power grid that will eventually become the backbone of industry and colonization on the Moon.

Just as the railroads opened up America's western frontier, a viable moon infrastructure, coupled with a cost-effective method of getting into space from Earth, will be the catalyst that allows for the economic expansion of private space industry into space and onto the moon.

The power grid in Postcards is visualized as a modular expansion of power capabilities, with a more advanced and built-out Armstrong Station serving as the hub. Each incremental expansion of the power grid brings with it new facilities and structures, as companies and corporations invest in moon-based R&D.

Graphical depiction of Power Deployment on the Moon


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