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Mars Traveller & Mastroianni Lander Module

The Mars Traveller is, at its core, a massive propellant storage tank with engines at one end, a command module at the other end, and a superstructure in the middle designed to ferry dual Lander Modules to Mars orbit. Launched from the moon and designed for deep space transport, it is not subject to the heavy lift forces of conventional rocket vehicles, thus allowing for more payload and cargo space for a manned crew of seven.

Mars Traveller concept sketches

3D shape study / previsualization model

Mars Traveller work in progress testrender

Final 3D model detail render with starboard Lander Module removed

The Mars Traveller carries dual hab cores, or Mastroianni Lander Modules - five standard habitation units lashed together in a pentagon formation, sitting atop a lander mesh and aeroshell. The MLM is designed to detached from the Traveller, de-orbit the planet using its aeroshell for speed braking, and land on the Martian surface. Rover vehicles and equipment are unlashed from the hab core and the hab units are converted into a functional Martian base, providing an immediate 'safe haven' and beachhead on Mars..

Early 3D test of lander modules
Detail render of final 3D model

MLM detaching from the Traveller, enroute to Mars

Concept composite of Lander Module on the surface of Mars

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