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Principal photography on Postcards was acquired over the space of three days on a greenscreen stage in Hollywood,CA. The shoot generated 3.14 terabytes of RAW 4K image data - roughly 193,000 frames, or about two hours of footage. VIEW AS FLICKR SLIDESHOW >

Establishing shot

Getting focal distance

Checking the gate

Setting up shots with previsualization animatics as a guide

DP Eric Adkins and 1st AC Paul Gugliemo lining up the shot

Cori Bright getting ready for her closeup

Our hero Robb Hughes in a moment of downtime

Producer Linda Capetillo-Cunliffe, DP Eric Adkins and Director Alan Chan

Checking image and exposure on a suite of digital cinema tools

Boys 'n' their toys

Alan Chan and Robb Hughes discussing a scene

Robb Hughes getting ready to stare down the monster lens

What astronauts really do in space

Freddie Johnson waits for his turn in front of the camera

John Lazear demonstrating the Scorpio-mounted remote pan head

Chris Botto and Freddie Johnson out for a leisurely stroll on the moon

Cori Bright preparing for the reentry sequence

Cori in the flight chair

Robb Hughes gets his gloves adjusted by propmaster Toby Thomas

Robb Hughes and Cori bright rehearsing for a shot

Green skies and lighting grids

Freddie Johnson is Base Commander Schofield

Director Alan Chan blocking out a shot

Your agent can call, even in the deepest reaches of space

Terence Chu, Eric Adkins and Paul Gugliemo with the Dalsa Origin


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