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7/20/2008 Postcards screening at the Seattle Museum of Flight

Sunday, July 20th marks the 39th anniversary of the Apollo 11 astronauts landing on the moon. In celebration of this historic event, the Seattle Museum of Flight will screen "In The Shadow Of The Moon" and "Postcards From The Future" in the William M. Allen Theater. Check out the Museum's website for more details:


6/9/2008 Accolades and Tellys

The past few months have seen us add to our growing list of awards the following Accolades and Tellys..

Accolade Awards:

Honorable Mention
: Short Film

Honorable Mention: Lead Actor (Robb Hughes as Sean Everman)

Honorable Mention: Special Effects Animation (Alan Chan)

Telly Awards:

Silver Aw
for Editing (John McGinley)

Bronze Award for Use of HD

Bronze Award for Use of Music (John Hunter)

Bronze Award for Use of Special Effects (Alan Chan)

Bronze Award for Art Direction


4/21/2008 Postcards wins 4 Aurora Awards

Aurora AwardsWe are happy to announce that Postcards has just recently won 4 Aurora Awards for excellence in filmmaking! This latest addition to our list of awards rounds out our achievements and recognizes the dedication of those who have given their best for the project. Congratulations to John McGinley and John Hunter on their winning the Aurora Awards!

A breakdown of the Awards are as follows:

Platinum Best of Show
Original Music - John Hunter

Platinum Best of Show
Use of Special Effects

Gold Award
Editing - John McGinley

Gold Award

Feature Short


4/14/2008 Postcards From Riverside

On Saturday April 12th, the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin and mankind's first flight into space, Postcards was screened at the 2008 Riverside International Film Festival. It was a great reception and the classic Riverside hospitality was very much in evidence. A few photos from our quick visit of old town Riverside:

>Bonus! Karen Everman's photos of Sean!


4/4/2008 April Updates

A few short news snippets for April:

-- Our next screening of Postcards will be at the Riverside International Film Festival on April 12, 2008. We will be screening as part of the shorts block starting at 11am - for tickets and directions, check out the festival website at See you there!

-- This month's Rogue Cinema features an article with yours truly - covering everything from Postcards to Will Smith's ears. Check it out here!

-- We are also pleased to announce that Postcards has received Honorable Mentions in the Accolade Awards, a nationally recognized program recognizing excellence in film and television. The Honorable Mentions go to "Postcards From The Future" as a short film, lead actor Robb Hughes as Sean Everman, and excellence in Special Effects.

-- January's article featuring Director of Photography Eric Adkins in the ICG Camera Guild magazine is now accessible online here.


3/24/2008 Shiny

We apologize, it's been months since we've updated things around here.. :) We've been busy behind the scenes, preparing for some screening venues in Europe in addition to preproduction tasks. We are currently in scriptwriting mode right now and will announce our next project soon. In the meantime, here is some shiny battle armor that we are proud to share with you. Thanks again for all your support!


Ad astra


12/20/2007 "Postcards From The Future" sweeps the HDFest Awards!

Happy holidays! For the past few months Postcards From The Future has been touring the world as part of the HDFest Film Festival, screening in Korea and Finland. Earlier this week HDFest announced their award winners for 2007, and we are very happy to announce that Postcards swept the Short Film category, picking up four Deffies:

Best Special or Visual Effects in an HD Short Film
Best Cinematography in an HD Short Film
Best Director in an HD Short Film - Alan Chan
Best Short HD Film

Thank you all again for your continued support!

Ad astra (ho ho ho!)



Postcards From San Diego
The San Diego chapter of the Mars Society will be holding a small screening of 'Postcards From The Future' next Friday, December 21st. Seating is limited so please rsvp and plan accordingly. More information is available on the chapter webpage.

Space Show archive
Archives of the November 18th edition of Dr. David Livingston's "The Space Show" radio program with yours truly as guest are now online. The entire program is available as an mp3 file here.

Cultura Lunaris 2007
Ken Murphy over at Lunar Library has graced Postcards From The Future with the Best of Cultura Lunaris award. Thanks Ken!


10/22/07 - "Postcards From The Future" DVD now available!
"Postcards From The Future" DVDs are now available!

After many months of waiting, we are finally able to make DVDs available to you through custom DVD retailer


Title #239006
Running time: 38 minutes
Format: DVD-R

The discs are region-free NTSC formatted and should work internationally in most cases.

Additionally, createspace is in the process of mastering an HD-DVD version of Postcards, which we hope to make available very soon. I will forward more updates on HD-DVD availability as they occur.

Thank you again for all your interest and support. I am very happy to finally be able to share our vision of possible space with you, the public at large. Please feel free to share Postcards with others and help disseminate the importance and necessity of space exploration.

sic itur ad astra
Alan Chan


10/12/07 - Shriekfest Award, upcoming Indiefest screening, DVD updates

This past weekend we screened Postcards at the Shriekfest 2007 International Sci-fi & Horror Festival in Los Angeles, CA to an appreciative film audience of over 100 people, and it gives me great pleasure to announce that later that evening, we picked up a Shriekfest award for Best Special Effects in a Short Film. Thanks Denise and Todd and everyone at Shriekfest!


A full list of award winners can be found here:

The best award we never received, however, came from an audience member who came up to me later in the evening to let us know that Postcards made him think deeply about our future and space exploration.. where we were going and where we had been, and what to do with the rest of his life. It was a very personal observation, and reaffirmed my goal of sharing our vision of space exploration with the public at large.

Our next screening will be at Indiefest USA, at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA - we will be screening as part of Shorts Block #3 on October 29 - screening details are available here:

Speaking of sharing.. the DVD process is in the final proofing stages and we should be able to make DVDs available to you very shortly now (probably in the space of a few weeks). We will be using as our vendor and they will also make an HD-DVD version of Postcards available for sale. Once everything is in place we'll go ahead and update everyone via email.


9/18/07 - October Film Festival Screenings and DVD News

Following a successful screening run at the Landmark in Los Angeles, we are happy to announce that we have been selected as a program finalist and will be screening at the 2007 Shriekfest Los Angeles Sci-fi/Horror Film Festival. Postcards will screen at Raleigh Studios on Sunday October 7th at 1:30pm. For more details, check out the festival website at

Additionally, we have selected to screen at Indie Fest USA, which will be taking place in Anaheim, California from Oct29th-Nov2nd. We will post more details on that screening as we get closer to the festival date.

And finally, with the successful conclusion of the public screening run, we are now preparing to make DVDs available. We are hoping to complete the necessary detail work and be able to start offering DVDs for sale starting in early October. We believe that we will be able to offer HD-DVDs as well and are also currently exploring the possibility of mastering a Bluray version - we hope to be able to announce further details soon!


9/5/07 - SENEF and LA screenings

SENEF and LA screening

Happy September! The Postcards crew has been extremely busy behind the scenes the last few months preparing for multiple upcoming screenings. We recently screened on the East Coast at the Rhode Island International Film Festival last month, and this month we will be screening on the West Coast (Los Angeles) as well as in Seoul, Korea.


Postcards is honored to be one of the opening films for the 8th annual Seoul Internationl Film Festival. We will be screening from a 2K Cinema Player system supplied by Quvis on Thursday, September 6th at the Lottecinema, Konkuk University at 7pm, and again as part of the HD Shorts program on Friday, September 7th at 5:30pm. Please check the festival website for more screening information.


Making full use of the newly opened flagship Landmark Theatres in west Los Angeles and their state-of-the-art Sony SXRD projectors, we will be screening "Postcards From The Future" in 4K digital projection - the way that Postcards was intended to be seen.

Screenings will be held from September 10-12th (Monday-Wednesday) at 12:30pm and 1:45pm at The Landmark at 10850 W. Pico (corner of Pico and Westwood). For more details, call the theatre information line at (310) 470-0492 or find theatre and map information here:

For those of you who have graciously written to preorder a DVD - thank you for you interest. I apologize for not being able to reply to all of you individually. Once we complete the LA screening we should be able to make DVDs available shortly after. Thanks again!

Ad astra per aspera


7/17/07 - We have been busy completing the surround sound mix for Postcards, and just recently wrapped it up as of last week. The data is now being passed along for digital cinema conversion to generate the final 4K master projection file. From this we will downconvert to HDCAM and SD masters for mastering to DVD and HD-DVD/Bluray. It is an exciting time for us to finally be getting close to sharing our vision of space with you.

With the work finally (mostly) in the can, we turn now to concentrate on the logistics for the next phase of our journey - the film festival circuit. The webpage has been updated and we are happy to announce that our first film festival screening will be at the 2007 Rhode Island International Film Festival in beautiful Providence, RI. The festival date is scheduled for August 7-12, we will notify this announcement list with screening times as we find out. Please feel free to drop us a line to let us know if there is a festival in your area that you would like to try and get Postcards screened at.

We are hoping to be able to make DVDs available by mid-to-late September. There is a laundry list of requirements for film festivals and other screening venues that we need to complete prior to offering DVDs for general sale, and we think we can complete that list by September. Additionally, we are looking at making HD-DVDs and/or Blurays available. Drop us a line and let us know which format you have or prefer - we're conducting an informal poll at the moment.

And finally, to wrap everything up in a neat little package for you - we'd like to share our second trailer with you. We are working to put it up on the website and generate the appropriate alternate file formats as soon as possible, but in the meantime, here is the completed trailer in high web resolution wmv format: (20Mb)


6/11/07 - We recently added to our website what we hope will be a new way to keep in touch and to determine (in true web2.0 fashion) where and when we can set up theatrical screenings. Using a publicly annotatable Google Map setup designed by, you can now add your geolocation and leave a comment as well if you wish.

As the map grows we should be able to determine when a sufficient density is reached that allows us to schedule a theatrical screening of Postcards. Currently there are a limited number of theaters that are equipped to screen Postcards in its full digital 4K glory (Landmark Theaters is in the midst of upgrading their theater systems in major cities), but where we can ascertain enough audience interest we will certainly try our best to set up a screening.

This is a social web experiment of sorts - to see if we can zero in and program screenings that are more audience-targeted than a scattershot approach or scheduling of screenings only in NY and LA. If you are interested in attending a digital cinema screening of Postcards, please add yourself to the map (email addresses on the map are private and will be used for notification purposes) and pass our website along to your friends and IM buddies.


6/8/07 - Our interview on Digital Production Buzz is now archived here - we are roughly about 32 minutes into the show.

5/31/07 - If you haven't already heard, recently published an online article about us here:

We recently screened a sneak preview of Postcards at the 2007 International Space Development Conference, held last weekend in Dallas. Audience response was great and there were a lot of spirited talk during the Q&A session after the screening.

We were originally only scheduled to screen once, on Friday night, but positive word of mouth went around the conference and by Saturday morning enough attendees had asked the conference staff that they decided to screen Postcards a second time on Saturday night. Audience response for the Saturday screening was even more enthusiastic.

We are currently looking into setting up a Los Angeles premiere screening and will let you know when that happens. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions and especially let us know if you are in the LA area and will be able to attend a screening there.

Lastly, for the film production crowd, I am scheduled as a guest speaker on Digital Production Buzz on Thursday, June 7 at 6:30pm PST to discuss the technology and tools used to create Postcards.

- Site updated with image galleries and making of features. Added Flickr slideshows for movie stills and onset photos.


- Welcome to Postcards From The Future. This site is now live and we will continue to add more details, features, news and screening information in the near future. To find out more about our project, click here.


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