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We are the children of the space age. Growing up in the shadow of the Apollo moon missions, we've been instilled with a sense of the wonder of discovery. We believe in the pioneering spirit - the drive that makes us push our boundaries, to explore and to enrich the lives and spirits of all mankind.

Today our generation has come of age. We are scientists, doctors, businessmen, visionaries and storytellers. Success in life has allowed us to do many things, but the one thing that we've always wanted to do has still been elusive - to travel to the moon and be a space explorer.

In January 2004, President George W. Bush announced a New Vision for Space Exploration - an ambitious plan to get the space program back on track towards manned space exploration. As a multi-decade initiative to develop technologies to colonize the Moon, Mars and beyond, the plan will span several Presidencies and must endure multiple changes in Congress. Ensuring that the Initiative continues without getting sidetracked will require the support of the American people.

'Postcards From The Future' is designed for that very purpose - as a tool to help the public visualize the possible future we can build, and to recruit their support for the Initiative. It is the will of the people that will carry us to to the stars. Postcards is my own small contribution to help us return to manned space exploration. I look forward to your support.

Alan Chan
Los Angeles, CA


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